(1)Work Log for Object Description and 3D Model

16 February 2017

I went to Dr. Wharton’s office at 1:30 where I took pictures of my object. I then uploaded them onto Google Photos.

I downloaded Photoscan on my computer and signed up for the 30 day free trial. Unfortunately, I ran into problems trying to align the pictures on Photoscan. Only two or three would actually align. At first I thought that was normal but when I followed the rest of the steps outlined in this tutorial the mesh/model wasn’t appearing. So I looked at this video tutorial because I wanted to see how the process looked in real time rather than just written out (an interesting example of the affordances of different modes). ┬áBy doing that, I found out that a model of some sort should have appeared when I hit the align photos button. Also, i discovered that the reason the a model was not appearing was because I needed to take more pictures of the object and have them overlap more so they would align. So I will need to take pictures when I get to class and hopefully they will align and make a decent mesh on Photoscan.

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