Tea Presentation Free Write (4/24/17)

Prompt: What does tea make you think of? 

When I think of tea I think of fancy and elaborate cultural customs. For example I think of Britain and tea time. I also think of Japan and formal tea ceremonies.

I also think about the effect drinking tea has on someone’s mood. At least for me,  it’s kind of relaxing to sit down and drink tea. I especially like it on rainy days like today. I like how the cold outside contrasts with the warmth of the tea to make me feel really cozy.

When I think of tea I also think of how it’s a healthy alternative to coffee. I know when I drink coffee after the caffeine rush goes away it makes me really groggy and kind of hungry, whereas tea doesn’t do that to me.

I also think of the social aspect of tea. I know my place of choice for a first date is a coffee shop and I usually get tea (for the reasons stated above I’m not much of a coffee drinker). I also think about just meeting friends and drinking bubble tea.

I also think about options because there are a lot of different kinds of tea. Also, of microwaves vs stove tops (I prefer to make tea in the microwave because I’m lazy).

I also like the smell of tea; it’s less offensive than other kinds of smells. For example, I much prefer walking into a big cloud of tea smell than the food smell mist that comes out of the Willy’s on campus and spills out onto the sidewalk.

Prompt 2: What is cultural appropriation? Can you think of some examples?

Cultural appropriation is stealing something from a culture and presenting it as your own. Also stereotyping the use of something, like a Native American headdress representing all Native Americans.

People also say hairstyles can be appropriated, like when white people wear dreads, but I don’t know how I feel about that one. As a black person myself it doesn’t really bother me. But as was stated in class it is definitely unfair that a white person (usually a celebrity) can wear dreads and be praised for their “originality” when a black person could not be hired for wearing them.  So the line between cultural appropriation and cultural exchange can sometimes be blurry, but I think acknowledging injustices and the culture that you take/borrow something from is a step in the right direction and in a lot of cases would fall under the cultural exchange category.

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