Chapter 12: Text

This chapter went over how to style text with css. I’ve learned that you can change the color, size, font, position, and spacing of text with css. The part on styling links was particularly interesting because I had never thought about links as being things you style.

As I go through these chapters, I can’t help wonder how much I am actually retaining. There are just so many different properties and styles that were covered; I probably will not be able to remember them all. But I think it’s more important that I get exposed to them so I know what kinds of things css can do and can look them up if I need them later.

Here are screenshots of my notes in webpage form. A little disappointed because I tried to use the text-decoration blink property to make the headings blink, but it seems to have been deprecated since the book was published.  Oh well, in consolation I style the text green.

Chapter 12 code notes

Chapter 12 webpage notes

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