Chapter 11 of Duckett: Color

This chapter was about using CSS styles to specify the colors of html elements. I like how the book is starting to get into more the rules of design.  For example, the chapter explains what color contrasts are best for text.

The information on the different ways to specify color in CSS was a little overwhelming, as the book lists 4 ways to specify color: rgb, hex codes, color names, and hsla. But I am sure with time and practice I will understand the reasons/uses for each system.  According to this forum discussion on Stack Overflow, it is better to use rgb, hex codes and hsla rather than color names  because browsers may interpret color names differently. It also seems to be a matter of preference whether to use rgb, hex codes, or hsla but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

HTML/CSS code notes

Webpage of notes (got a little creative with the CSS styles)

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