Class Notes (1/18/17) Wed

Embedding an iframe:

  1. Hover your mouse over the frame you want to embed.
  2. Control and right click.
  3. Click inspect.
  4. It should display the source code.
  5. You can find the html you need to embed the iframe or edit it. (it will be between an iframe opening and closing tag)
  6. Copy and paste the iframe into your text editor to have it appear on your webpage.

Being able to view/edit webpage html is useful because if you like something from someone’s website you can copy their layout/code.

Conversation about Why we need things:

It helps to think of our own self as an object, so we can study it.

To objectify (study/positive connotation) yourself is different from objectification (treat someone or yourself as a commodity/negative connotation).

Was there a sense of an interior self, in the middle ages? Meaning, Was the self (I think therefore I am) was that material self an object of discourse and study? Some people argue that the soul in the middle ages was that idea of the self.

In Why we need things the author says that we objectify the self in three ways: through power, time, and relationships.

The self is continuous though time. We have objects to remind ourselves of who we are and were.

Object permanence (the understanding that objects continue to exist even when they cannot be observed -seen, heard, touched, smelled or sensed in any way-)  can be taught to babies from peekaboo.

Power is another reason we need things, specifically to show our power. Examples of objects of power:

To what extent is a gun an inherently dangerous/powerful object. What is cute? Big eyes for some reason. Think anime. Babies have big eyes, throughout the animal kingdom usually. Babies are evolutionary tweaked to get attention. Big cars and overcompensating. Objects of power are often used to fulfill a void.

Even affects how we parent. How are my interactions with things going to shape who I am or who my children become?

Object of relationships: Power objects are more about ourselves whereas relationships are about other people.

Random note: When you come to class you should print out the articles.

Twitter essay notes/suggestions:

We can use memes and pictures. Multimodality is encouraged. You can create custom links, and within the link you can have a comment. Can link to things like an ask/reddit about objects or to your Pinterest. Look at some examples of twitter essays.

General peer review tips: Bad manners to rewrite someone’s work on a peer review. Bad form to erase content (especially on-screen/line.)

The twitter drafts can be different ideas or two different versions of the same thing.

Look at trending hashtags.

Revise one tweet and then tweet it out on Friday. To submit it onto the form, use the copy link tweet button to get a url for that exact tweet.

Language guide for twitter essays:

Can use informal/shortened language for the tweets. Shorter is not always better, think about the rhetorical effect of your words. You can use numbers instead of words like 2 for two.

Consistency is important.  Don’t always need prepositional phrases.



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