Class Notes (2/8/17) Wed

Setting: the CURVE

Today we picked our objects for our analysis and 3D modeling project.

I chose a bottle of Dr. Thacher’s Liver & Blood Syrup (blurrily pictured below in my hand):

Tips for taking pics of the object

For the pictures put a piece of paper with scribbles below the object, this will help PhotoScan align the pictures later.

Try to level your camera/phone with the object. Make sure to take pictures all around it (360 degrees)

Maybe save the pics on Google Drive.

We will use the pics of our objects to create 3D models in PhotoScan

You might have to take different photos if they do not come out well enough in the PhotoScan mesh.

To edit/make a 3D model with PhotoScan:

  1. Upload pics to PhotoScan
  2. Click the workflow button to add photos
  3. Align photos, PhotoScan looks at every pixel in each photo and puts them together like a puzzle and builds a point cloud using this information.
  4. Using the point cloud, Photoscan will create a mesh (a first draft 3D model), it can have some good detail, but it might look a little rough at first.
  5. You can select and edit out what is not a part of your model.You select all the way back so you want to make sure you do not delete something important by accident. Also, you can mess with the quality.


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