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Discussion on Peter Elbow’s Some Thoughts on Expressive Discourse

Is a review by Elbow of a book that is highly critical of expressive discourse, which is Peter Elbow’s field of study.

Elbow is a famous thought leader in the field of composition studies (now and at the time of writing the work), while Harris is a relative new-comer (at the time she wrote the book). However, Elbow was very intellectually generous with Harris’ work.

Expressivism: field of composition where writing begins with personal experience and knowledge and then branches out from there.   

A critique that Elbow had of Harris is that she oversimplified some periods/fields of study which can insult the possible audience of scholars of these periods.

Elbow likes that she wants to scrap expressivism as a term because it is too vague and likes that she offers more specific terms.

Elbow likes the idea of breaking down genres.  Harris says that composition is not about boxes/labels but a continuum between multiple polarities such as pragmatic vs aesthetic and experience-based vs information based (someone in class brought up qualitative vs quantitative).

What differentiates the two sides of these kind of continuums is the purpose of the text.

Object description project tips:

Think about the form of your text and the form of your object. How can you make connections between parts of the object and object as a whole? Have an organized way of describing your object, for example, you can describe the object top to bottom, interior to exterior, or front to back.

Note to self: Look at Spanish writing book that talks about describing things.

Think about comparisons(polarities) and relations. Be specific. Think about metaphors and similes. Be mellifluous. Look at the models from the readings of object descriptions. Also, include the item number on your object.

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