Class Notes (2/1/17) Wed

Writing exercise

What object would you want to pass on to future generations and why? What would it say about your personal history and the broader cultural context it came about in? (I wrote about my high school diary)

Discussion on what everyone wrote about

A menorah– Special because her grandma gave it to her. Reveals the connection between her and her grandma, that she is Jewish (either culturally or religiously), it is a replica of the Wailing Wall so it shows that there is a connection between being Jewish and Israel.

A scarf from the middle east– is light so is made to be functionally comfortable in a hot environment, is gendered (probably), reveals relationship between the person that gifted the scarf to the person that received it. Also, of course possible religious significance (although the owner is not Muslim).

Travel journals- great record of information, can learn about the places written in the journals and from an outsider’s perspective which can sometimes be really useful, also that people nowadays still used paper (rather than a digital medium.)

VHS– obsolete(ish) but shows the transition to DVD’s. Also, interesting how Netflix has changed how we relate to shows and movies.

A google drive account– provides information about work, finances, pictures, and almost everything about a person’s life. Maybe could tell how people are generally first introduced to google drive in an academic setting.

Think about how a personal history tied to an object can reveal broader cultural insights.

Pay attention in the readings to how the writers structure their evidence.

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