Class Notes (2/13/17) Mon

Reading discussion

Belk- Different categories of the extended self. The self perhaps exists in hierarchies. Body parts, mind processes, and personal identifiers and attributes rank the highest on the “self” hierarchy  as the most self expressive objects.

There is a connection between who we are and what we do and what we create.

There is interdisciplinary work that talks about how all a person is an assemblage of objects. And how the physical and biological processes in our bodies tie together all the objects that we are.

We see people as a part of our extended self which is proof that we do not consciously control everything in our identity. Understanding we don’t have total control is important, especially so we can use this in a way  that is psychologically productive.

The True Cost– documentary on how clothes are made. May be interesting to watch.

Externality (according to google):

    a side effect or consequence of an industrial or commercial activity that affects other parties without this being reflected in the cost of the goods or services involved, such as the pollination of surrounding crops by bees kept for honey.
    the fact of existing outside the perceiving subject.
    Good Idea: post the notes you take on the readings on your blog.

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