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Posted twitter essay and reflection due Friday.  Blog post also due Friday.

Excerpts (paraphrased) from Anne Berthoff I liked

Dialogue is the mode of making meaning.

Students should learn how to use Ambiguity as the “hinges of thought”

The classroom should be a theater a conversation, rather than something looking for specific answers. A place of discovery.

Anne Berthoff “Chaos” discussion

Try to think about the writing process in a more productive way, such as how we make meaning in our lives.

Cooking was an important metaphor in composition studies for writing. Berthoff references other scholars by using the cooking metaphor. It is kind of a way she is citing without citing.

The cooking metaphor (sort of): No (set in stone) directions in cooking because the context always changes. For example, who’s is coming to dinner? What do you have in your kitchen? Do you have electricity? It is the same with writing. What is considered good writing changes in different contexts. Berthoff says that writing is chaotic in this way.

An example of the chaos Berthoff was talking about= Twitter always has new stuff going on, it’s kind of everywhere.

Everything we do is an attempt at meaning making. Composition is a process of making meaning. The author does not control what words mean.

In tech writing they try to eliminate ambiguity but sometimes you leave some ambiguity because of common sense.

Ikea is a good example of how meaning can be done with only visuals and is maybe better at communicating information in that context than written text would be.

Supersession: When something gets replaced by another thing that is considered superior. Happens a lot to ideas in rhetoric and composition.

The Pink hats movement= example of objects designed to be explicitly rhetorical. The pink hat has a functional purpose but also can have a rhetorical aspect.

Maybe look at trending/new stuff on twitter or news sites to examine different kinds of discourse and how meaning is created/made/changed/discussed.


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