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Exposition Notes: (1/23/17)

Blog Post Tips

Tag each blog post with its appropriate category listed in the directions of the prompt of the week. For example, group 1 put their posts under the Writing and Material Culture category.

To make a category in your blog, go under the posts section on your dashboard. Then copy and paste the category name of the prompt you have from the prompt on the class website to your blog.

 Prown article discussion/interesting points

Prown discusses what can be gained from doing a stylistic analysis on objects.

Form and style can blur. Why are some objects designed to be functional but resist their functionality? For example, jeggings that have fake pockets and rivets on jeans, uncomfortable shoes/high heels. Status/class affects if people prefer form-centered objects to style-centered objects. Maybe how technology increases, what is considered stylistic is stuff that is more within the reach of everyone class wise.

Form vs style debate brings to mind the arbitrary division between art and everything else. And between creative writing and other kinds of composition.


Modes: different ways you take in or present information.

5 modes: linguistic, aural, spatial, visual, and gestural.

We often think of linguistic as the primary mode of communication.

Stylistic analysis forces you to think about your sensory experiences, besides linguistic. You can take into consideration all the modes and how they make a rhetorical statement.

Objects can have functions that are not explicit or functions besides what they are designed for, like the little mermaid combing her hair with a fork.

Anachronisms: a thing belonging or appropriate to a period other than that in which it exists, especially a thing that is conspicuously old-fashioned.

Random notes:

The next twitter essay will be the exact same prompt.

On Wednesday, we are talking about the Anne Berthoff “Learning the Uses of Chaos”

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