About Me

Hi everybody! My name’s Jack O’Hara. I am a junior-year English major at Georgia State University with aspirations of becoming a technical writer.  Here on my blog, you will find a collection of work I am doing or have done for my ENGL 3090 exposition class.  While a large part of this blog will be dedicated to academic work, I also intend to use it as a part of my professional online presence. So if you are interested in hiring an entry level or intern tech writer, or just want to talk about tech writing,  I am your person.

Previous tech writing experience I have includes the work I did in my technical writing class for the Atlanta-based organization Chattahoochee NOW (you can check out the work I did for them here, in the blog I kept for that class)

A little bit about myself- I like books by EM Forster, would describe myself as a frequent eater of spaghetti, and I love learning new things. Currently I am working on becoming conversational in Spanish and learning how to use HTML and CSS to make websites (I post about my progress in this on my other blog.)

Feel free to say hi to me on twitter @JackYtzack